Friday, August 17, 2012

Welcome to Mei Faith Studio ~

{a little bit of history on how I got here}

Back in 2001 (with the encouragement from my husband and family) I started selling a few of my original art pieces on ebay.  Within months, I was rated one of the top sellers on ebay for original featured art.  I was creating and painting all the time & I must admit I truly loved every single second of my life {back than}...

{fast forward to 2004} Shelly's Impressions (my art studio's name) was in full bloom!  Sells were very high and commissions were even higher.  I was on top of 'the' game!  I was featured in gallery showings in New York, Philadelphia, and Atlanta ~ as well as northeastern PA.  Life was great but that was soon all about to change...

For I wanted something more ~ I wanted to start a family and the only way that was solely within our hearts, was by adoption.  So after selling my last original acrylic painting to a dealer in Texas for $3,500.00 in June of 2004, I completely walk away from it and started on a very long journey down the road of adoption. 

At the time, I knew it was the only way I would be able to do it.  I had to focus 100% of my time to bringing our daughter home.  It took 16 months from planning, paper chasing, to traveling for our daughter to be held in our arms for the first time.  And it was at that moment, I knew exactly where I needed to be & what I needed to be - that was (and still is) a mother. 

As the years passed, we were very fortunate to adopt our daughter, Annabelle in 2008, our son, Benjamin in 2010 and finally our 2nd son Alexander {aka Alex} in 2012.  Life is truly wonderful as I know it and I am doing exactly what I want to do but there has always been something more...

Something was burning inside of me to create.  So over the past few years, I have began once again creating ~ painting, drawing, coloring, and designing.  Again with the encouragement from my husband and my family...along with my oldest daughter Francesca, I have decided to once again start selling my artistic creations on line.  I did open an etsy shop featuring a few of my original jewelry designs back in April of 2009, but I didn't really get "all that involved with it".  I had a few sells and some commission pieces, but nothing compared to where I was (those few years ago).  So after many conversation with my fabulous support team and countless ones with myself, I decided once again to take the HUGE leap of faith and rekindle my relationship with the "world wide web"!

I am sincerely hoping you all will join me ~ once again ~ on my creative journey and allow me to share with you all some of my original creations!  I also would love to hear all your feedback ~ the good, the not so good and the down right don't want to hear.  I am asking for all of your support as I work on once again finding myself in this crazy world of artistic creators!

So please won't you all join me as I take this leap of faith ~ once again...

With All My Love,
Shelly Pompey Leonard

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